Based on the SPN epsisode "Mystery Spot" and the terror Sam lives through watching Dean die over and over for months on end at the hands of "the trickester"
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Movie: Bella (2006 movie - imdb link) Characters: Nina, Jose & his family Music: "Colorblind" by Counting Crows Summary: Nina finds out she's pregnant and gets fired from her job. She spends the day with her co-worker Jose, meets his family, finds out a pretty dark secret of his and t...
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Music: "Blow" - Ke$ha Movie: D.E.B.S. Summary: A fanvid to the cracktastically AWESOME movie DEBS. It's such a guilty pleasure movie for me. Plus who doesn't love super smart lesbian spies?
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Fandom: Supernatural Summary: What if Fate had other plans for Anna and Ruby? Titanic!verse AU. Ship: Anna/Ruby Additional Characters: Atropos, Castiel, Alistair, Uriel, Sam, Dean, Balthazar Warnings: Canonical character death. A little flashing. Epilepsy warning. Violence. Music Clip...
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Inspired by Coldplay's actual music video to "The Scientist" where the entire story is told in reverse. Kara and Lee go back to the start.
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Donnie really is a super hero. The video ruins the ending of the movie, so don't watch if you don't want to be spoiled. Song: "Superman" by Five for Fighting
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Song: "No. 1 Crush" by Garbage Made for Jenn ( when she was feeling down and out. I knew she loved B/A and I had been wanting to make a B/A vid, so I finally did. It's about the growing attraction between Boromir and Aragorn and how eventually that turns into love and ...
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Song: "Widowing Field" by Jars of Clay I originally planned to make this for the Show Your Quality June "Loss" Challenge (2004), however didn't find the song in time so I went with something else. However, I still wanted to make the vid, so I made it. Featuring: General charact...
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I know the video is blocked in some countries so I uploaded it here as well: A character study of Castiel and the Novak family. From the Supernatural episode "The Raptue" Jimmy Novak returns home after a year long absence.This video attempts to show how Cast...
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Sam is obsessed with killing Lilith even though Ruby is trying her hardest to distract him with other tasks. Lilith is the one demon Ruby doesn't want hurt because she cares about her. They find Anna and help her until Cas and Uriel track them down and Anna has to reclaim her grace. A...
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Song: "Gone" by Jessica Riddle Made for the *Show Your Quality* June "Loss" Challenge. I like the song a lot, and think it emphasizes the great loss each character feels. However, the picture quality is poor, so I fully intend to remake this video some day. Featuring: General c...
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Music: "Waking Dream" - Natalie Walker Movie: My Summer of Love Summary: A fanvid to the lovely movie. Not particularly spoilery... I didn't give the end away, which is really the only "twist" in the movie. The rest is just the lovely building summer romance of Tamsin and Mona. :)
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Music: "In this Life" by Chantal Kreviazuk Lumi get engaged, I just had to celebrate with a video! It shows that no matter how much they might try to deny their feelings for each other (Sami more than Lucas) that they will always be together "In this life." Made with clips provi...
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This is what I like to call a *what if* video. (Instead of it being completely A/U) - What if Eowyn & Faramir met and fell in love before the war? What if they wished to be married but Denethor and Theoden both refused because of the bad blood between Gondor and Rohan? Well... this is...
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This vid was inspired by Maggie's wonderful 'alternate universe' fic "Caged" (Fine Eyes @ in which Aragorn and Éowyn get married, but she soon realizes it wasn't the life she thought she'd wanted. Same goes for my vid. She feels trapped in her new lifestyle and wants ...
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Things get a little complicated when the angel falls for the demon against her better judgement.
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FYI: Sound clip used at the beginning from the movie "50 First Dates" VID STORYLINE: On a late night investigation Lincoln is trapped in a warehouse and Astrid is abducted and taken to the other universe. Lincoln does everything in his power to find a way to cross over, but he run...
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Fandom: Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship) Song: "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan Made for the Show Your Quality video challenge for Sep. 2004. The theme was Eternal Friendship for The Fellowhip, and this vid I tried to show how intertwined their friendships became with ea...
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Song: Nature Boy - as performed by David Bowie & Massive Attack A fanvid to the unique and intriguing movie "Momento." The story of a man who has lost his short term memory, but is still pursuing his wife's murderer at whatever cost.
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Also @Vimeo: Fandom: Warm Bodies Characters: R, Julie, M, Nora, Grigio Song: "Die Young" by Ke$ha Spoilers/Warnings: Clips used from the trailer and from online exclusive clips. Beware some spoilers!
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